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We are so thankful for all of our loyal clients!

Hi Dan,

Now that we’ve settled back in to our “RV Lifestyle” here in the USA, after spending the winter at home in the UK, we wanted to drop you a short note to say how impressed we were with the service you provided us with.   It was a massive decision for us to make when the time came to choose an RV storage company.   It’s like leaving your baby in someone else’s hands!    However, we now know that we made completely the right decision when we chose to leave the RV with you at Exclusive!

It was amazing to arrive at your facility from the airport and find the RV and the Jeep both “ready to go” and in showroom condition……refrigerator cold as well!   We couldn’t believe that we were ready to head out only 15 minutes after arriving.

Our thanks once again and we’ll be back in September to take advantage of your superb service once again.

Best wishes,
David and Angie Steel,   United Kingdom.

Dear Dan, I just wanted to drop you a note expressing our great appreciation of your efforts on our behalf. It is with great regret that we had to sell our motor home due to my increasing physical limitations. This was our seventh RV spanning a period of 46 years. During the past decade, it would not have been possible to continue our RV trips without your support at Travel Clean Services. Dan, I also wish to thank you for selling the motor home for us. I spoke with the buyers and they were amazed at the condition of the coach. Even though it is seven years old, they said that it could have been almost sold as new. You deserve all credit for the condition of the coach. I was pleased to hear that the buyers recognize the value of storing the coach with you and its home when not on the road will remain the same.

I also want to thank you for all of your above and beyond efforts to keep the mechanical systems in good order while the motor home has remained in storage for the past two years. If you had not exercised it and checked the fluids and tires, etc., it would have suffered greatly during this period.

Liz and I will miss your always friendly and helpful responses to any service request that we might make. The photo is from one of our last trips which was a memorable swing through the Colorado high country. We will continue to travel as much as possible, but it will be in a very different manner.

Again we wish to express our great appreciation for all you have done for us during the past few years. We will also miss our friendship with both of you and the girls.


Pete and Liz Balch

Dale Atwater – California

I have used Travel Clean Services. to store my 34′ Airstream Trailer since Dan Murphy started his own company in April 2000. At that time they had Indoor Storage Facilities of just 6,000 square feet. Dan has kept our unit clean and it has always been ready on time, to pick up the Unit, so we could go on a Club Rally or Caravan. I have seen Dan expand his business over the years to where he has over 85,000 square feet of storage capabilities. It has been convenient to have Dan do some minor repairs and installation work on my Unit. They have always treated my wife and I as if we were family. I feel safe and comfortable storing my Unit with them. It is a pleasure to see young people grow in business and conduct them selves in a Christian way.

Dear Dan,It is almost 5 years ago that we had the fortune to meet you both, and we think this is a good time to thank you for all what you did for us. When we bought our Beaver in 2000 we made a contract with the dealer for service and storage, because the motor home was quite a big investment for us – living in Germany and having a motor home in the US makes you nervous. Unfortunately within less than a year the dealer went out of business, and we had a problem. So we tried different storage facilities in Oregon and Florida. We never had a real bad experience, but those companies offered only (indoor or outdoor) spaces, and sometimes we found our “Baby” covered with dust, dirt and empty batteries when we arrived from Europe. Not the best start for a nice RV trip.

Then we met you, and a dramatic change happened. We have trusted you from the very first moment. From this time on we always flew back home to Germany, knowing that our “Baby” is in good hands. And whenever we came back to enjoy your beautiful country, Dan presented us a very clean coach (and Jeep) with full tanks, running fridge, and all technical system (furnace, generator etc.) checked for proper operation.

Special thanks to Dan also for all the arrangements he made for us, having different aftermarket items installed to the coach during our absence. And also a very, very special “thank you” to Dan for his help when we bought our Jeep. Dan made the impossible possible. After 2 hours of fighting with the Jeep dealer we finally got more than 30% of the original price. Since that we know, Dan is a real insider. And we promise Dan, next time we will follow your advice to change the coach tires!!! One blown front tire at 65mph is enough to convince us!

Finally, we would like to express that from our side we not only found the very best business partner with Travel Clean Services, we also found good friends, and we always remember the lovely time we spent together. And for this we thank you both most of all!


Vinetta and Klaus Huwe

Dear Prospective Travel Clean Clients:

If you’re an experience RV’r or you just bought your very first motorhome, there is no better place to store your investment than at Travel Clean in Pomona, California.Travel Clean is conveniently located between the 10 and 60 freeways, easy to get to and secure and protected.

I could easily give you a very long list of reasons why you should protect your investment with Dan Murphy, but I’ll just mention a choice few.

Protection of your Motohome:
Our RV is five (5) years old and has thousands of miles on it, but whenever we pull into a campsite people always ask if we just bought it. We have a 2.5 year old and you can imagine what a mess a toddler can make. Dan is our saving grace and always ensures that our rig is spotless on the inside and clean enough for our toddler to occasionally pick-up that snack off the floor (we try to stop him, but have you ever tried to stop a 2.5 year old?) Our motorhome looks like it did the day we bought it and this is simply because Dan and his team take such good care of it. They take care of the RV like it’s their own!

Motorhomes break down, little and big things happen, it’s just a part of owning an RV. We have called Dan more times than we can count. We’ve called him from Arizona, New Mexico, Northern California, Washington, Oregon and Utah, just to name a few. Dan always answers our calls and it is usually a much smaller problem than we initially figured. Dan has the ability to not only calm us down from a slight panic but he is also so very knowledgeable that he is usually able to diagnose the problem and provide advice and/or a remedy by phone. He has not only saved us a lot of money in teaching us simple repairs, but he has given us peace of mind (which money can’t buy)! Dan always answers the phone with a smile (even though you can’t see him, you know he’s smiling).

From time to time our rig has required bodywork, painting, satellite installation, window repair, tires, rims and mechanical work. Dan has such an extensive and professional network of skilled technicians and expert resources that nothing has ever been a problem to fix. No problem too big or too small and always handled with a professional and expert solution or repair.

Comfort and Peace of Mind:
Although we employ Travel Clean as the business of choice to care for our motorhome, we truly consider Dan and his team friends. They are always friendly, approachable and professional. We are lucky to have found Travel Clean and are even luckier to know Dan Murphy.


Dan, Vicki & Troy Cross

In the spring of 2004 we enthusiastically entered the world of recreational vehicles. This was a dream we always had and we couldn’t wait for the experience to begin. However we didn’t follow the usual progression from tent camping to trailer to Class A as most do. We stepped right up and purchased a 40-foot, triple slide, Class A diesel pusher from Country Coach, an Inspire. Such a big step caused some anxiety and the learning curve had a very steep slope as we struggled with the basics of operation and understanding the nuances of our very complex home on wheels. What a challenge but it was a great experience – and still is.

Enter Dan Murphy and Travel Clean Services. We discovered Dan’s website as we were returning to California after our extended “shake down” trip. Initially we planned on storing our bus at an outdoor facility about three miles from our home in Redondo Beach. Checking into the facility we realized this was a bad idea. Our bus would be exposed to the hot salty air, but a greater potential problem was that owners parked their own vehicles in very small spots that were difficult at best to get into – a disaster in the making. Investigating Dan’s operation we were extremely excited with the potential of storing our bus indoors even if we had to drive 45 miles. The commute was a non-issue as long as our bus was in a safe and secure environment.

At Travel Clean Services we have more than we ever imagined. Dan not only offers indoor secure storage but also the option for washing, detailing, and maintenance on the spot or delivery to the maintenance facility of our choice. Owners are not allowed to enter the warehouse with their rigs as Dan provides a valet service; when we want our bus we call ahead and Dan has it waiting for us with refrigerator on and AC or heat on – what a luxury. Dan also extends the valet service to curbside service – he’ll bring your bus to your home and upon your return he’ll take it back to the warehouse. Now that is service unparalleled.

The benefits Travel Clean Services offer are phenomenal. However, the most important benefit is Dan himself. Dan is an unbelievable source of technical information and treats our bus as if it was his own. He informs us of issues he notices about our bus and always has a solution to every problem. Furthermore, Dan is part of our family and we talk on a weekly basis often about issues other than motorhomes and traveling.

Dan and Travel Clean Services have made our entrance into the world of RVing a smooth and very enjoyable one. To have someone care about our bus as much as we do gives us comfort that our investment is being watched over carefully.

Steve Brown
Kathy Flynn
Josh Flynn-Brown
Morpheus, The Basenji

I have been storing with Dan at Travel Clean Services for three years. The cost is reasonable for inside storage. Dan has complete valet service. All you do is give him 24 to 48 hours notice and he will have your RV waiting for you when you arrive. If you want it washed, waxed, filled with propane, fueled, tires checked, fluid levels checked or dumped, he will also do that. If you bring your vehicle back to him clean, it will be clean when you get it out the next time.

I stored my last new RV outside and in three years of setting out in the sun, I could see the climate taking it toll. It was hard to keep it looking nice and I continually had to wax it. I could see my awnings deteriorating and the sides getting dull from setting out in the sun. My new RV is stored inside with Dan at Travel Clean Services. Now I wax it once a year and it stays looking good all the time. I think the difference in cost between inside storage and outside storage is offset by the increase in resale value of your RV.

Dan is easy to contact and I have never had to call more that once to get a hold of him. I also like the fact that I can bring my RV back to the storage yard when Dan is not there. You have access to the storage yard and you just leave it in the locked yard and Dan will put it away when he comes to work. That way you can take your RV back on Saturday or Sunday.

Lee Haeberlein


Deciding to purchase an RV or trailer boat is, at the very least, the beginning of an exciting and rewarding, not to mention expensive, experience. What type do we buy, how are we going to use it, what size should we get, how much can we or should we spend. The questions seem to go on and on and on.

Some where in that process the question arises, where are we going to store it, at the house alongside the garage, or in the backyard? Possibly we need rent space at an outside storage facility, or maybe it should be inside somewhere? What’s best for us and our new recreational equipment?

In 1995 as far as we were concerned keeping our new motor home at the house was out of the question due to issues of room and local ordinances. So a storage facility was our answer. We selected an outside facility in Brea, CA and kept it there, when not in use, for the next 5 years and of course the coach and many of its components suffered the effects of the sun and weather.

Then in late 1999, fortunately for us we met Dan Murphy. He told us he was planning on opening a first rate indoor storage facility in Pomona, CA with valet service. Through his facility Dan said he would offer full repair, preventative maintenance and detail services. For us as working folks this seemed the perfect answer, no more having to take off work to get the coach PM serviced, smog checked, washed and trip ready etc. In early 2000 Dan opened “TRAVEL CLEAN SERVICES”. He seemed to us to be a straight shooter with a new family and a dream. His facility was big and clean, his rates were lower than any comparable storage service around, perfect! We signed on.

Since that time (7 years) we have retired, purchased a bigger motor home (diesel), and have many times taken advantage of the various quality services available through TRAVEL CLEAN SERVICES (now EXCLUSIVE RV SERVICES INC.). We have found Dan and his team to be people of character, honest and dependable. Their business is well run and their services worthy of our loyalty as clients. We, did then and do now recommend them, without hesitation or reservation, to anyone needing a clean, safe and secure, first class full-service storage facility for their recreational equipment.

Dave & Edda Barr

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